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On this page I'll choose a book, a movie, and a CD and tell you what I think about it. Do you have a review to share? E-mail me!


Where The Heart Is
Billie Letts

This is a heartwarming little tale about Novalee Nation who is seventeen and seven-months pregnant when her loser boyfriend dumps her at a Wal-mart in Oklahoma with seven-dollars and seventy-seven cents in change. The bad luck with sevens hook is overused and predictable but the quirky and fascinating characters make up for it.
- Submitted by Miss Bunbun


Benny and Joon
Jeremiah S. Chechik, director

A quirky little film featuring Mary Stuart Masterson as Joon, a woman battling schizophrenia, and Aidan Quinn as her protective brother, Benny. Johnny Depp plays Sam, an oddball who ends up living with them. A perfectly strange lovestory ensues. Also important to note: a nice little preformance by Julianne Moore.
- Submitted by Miss Bunbun


Little Plastic Castle
Ani DiFranco

In my opinion this is one of if not the best effort put forth by Ani. The songs each have their own flair. However, I do have some favourites like Two Little Girls - a soft and sad story about two friends. Also, Glass House is worth a mention as it is a beautifully powerful song. This CD has Ani DiFranco written all over it; in the best sense of course.
- Submitted by Miss Bunbun

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