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Here comes Indie!

If you were thinking about a custom Vera Wang dress you’d be looking at either a check for ten thousand or significant dent in your college fund. Either way it’s not a sacrifice worth making for a one of a kind outfit. Now there is a movement of indie online designers who charge reasonable prices for homemade clothes and one of a kind, vintage finds.


A vintage find by Jerry Gilden.

       My latest obsession is online retailers of vinatge and homemade clothing. There are so many of them and yet they remain hidden for cheapo prices (I've seen as low as 5 or 10 dollars american) you can get a new totally groovy outfit. My favourite sites to visit right now are ametandsasha.com, gauchita.com, and rippednylons.com. If you not much for shipping clothing at the very least you could get some ideas for revamping those clothes that sit in the back of your closet.
     Also, second hand and thrift stores are very underrated. For four or five bucks you can get a whole outfit. I suggest Value Village. Here are some tips for a successful trip to your local thrift store.
Number One
Don't expect to go in, spend five minutes, and walk out with a gorgeous outfit. Since each item is one of a kind you'll have to take some time to find something worthwhile.
Number Two
Don't buy it because it's cheap! It will just end up in the back of your closet or back at the thrift store.
Number Three
Unless you really like something or have the time and energy to revamp it do not buy something you'll have to alter. You know you won't.
So go and check out the indie fashion scene!

This article contributed by Miss Bunbun.

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